Taxation Services

Experienced Tax Accountants in Adelaide

Businesses face many and varied taxation obligations and statutory requirements. Venture Private Advisory offer a range of services and advice to help you best meet your commitments.

Offering a Range of Tax Services

To help your business manage your tax obligations, our tax advisory services include the following:

  • Preparation of Activity Statements
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Calculations of Capital Gains Tax and advice on tax amounts payable
  • Preparation of Fringe Benefits Tax (“FBT”) Returns
  • Evaluation of GST and FBT obligations
  • Taxation advice regarding business structures and asset protection
  • Management of relationship and activities with the Australian Tax Office, including attending to correspondence and advice on reviews and disputes.

Capital Gains Tax Advisors

Venture Private Advisory can advise on all aspects of Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) legislation and we can assist with calculation of any capital gain and taxation amounts payable. We can assist with planning and provide advice to ensure you can manage your tax amounts as much as possible. With our expertise in analysing the proceeds from disposal of assets, and calculating the asset cost base, we can help you can minimise your tax liability by making the best of provisions, concessions and exemptions.

Small Business CGT Concessions

For eligible small businesses, there are special concessions available to reduce certain capital gains which can have significant benefits by minimising taxation amounts payable.

Our extremely qualified tax advisors assist in providing the best obtainable advice on the availability of the small business concessions and also can develop strategies and plans to assist with meeting the eligibility criteria.

At Venture we work closely with all of our clients to plan for business sales and to develop retirement strategies, which allow you to maximise your after taxation return on the sale of any CGT asset.

Fringe Benefits Tax

Venture Private Advisory can take the complexity out of Fringe Benefits Tax.

Venture Private Advisory tax consultants can review and assess your business circumstances to provide a unique range of options.  We can assess the benefits provided to employees and provide advice to structure these benefits in the most tax effective manner to reduce Fringe Benefits Tax payable and also to increase the benefits for your employees through optimised use of Salary Packaging.

To optimise your tax positioning, talk to us about:

  • Reviewing and assessing employee benefits
  • Reviewing and lodging your company’s annual FBT Returns
  • Identifying all of the FBT opportunities available to your company
  • Review employees Salary Packaging


The Goods and Services Tax is an important part of our taxation system and is included in the majority of transactions that your business undertakes. The system can be complex and potentially confusing, and advice can be required.

Venture Private Advisory can advise on all aspects of GST and help you make sense of its impacts on your business decisions, including:

  • Registering for GST
  • The impact of GST on specific transactions
  • GST returns and Activity Statements: both filing and adjustments
  • Management of Australian Taxation Office reviews and application for private rulings
  • Advice on the application of GST in complex situations such as GST on property transactions and the operation of the margin scheme

Land Tax Advice

Venture Private Advisory specialists can help you understand the implications of Land Tax before or after property acquisition and develop a tailored structure to minimise future tax payments.

Land Tax payments are expensive for commercial and residential property owners. Venture Private Advisory can assess property ownership structures and determine the most cost-effective way forward to ensure that the correct amount of Land Taxes are paid.

Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax is applicable to large employers and can result in a significant cost to your business. Venture Private Advisory can advise on and assist with all aspects of Payroll Tax. We can assist with calculating the amounts of tax payable and also providing tailored advice for businesses who may be operating across multiple payroll tax jurisdictions.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is payable in relation to transactions such as land acquisition, property acquisitions, shares and unit acquisitions (in certain circumstances) and the amount payable fluctuates from state-to-state.

Venture Private Advisory can provide specialist, strategic advice to ensure you only pay the amount of duty you are required by law. We can advise on the recent changes to stamp duties in South Australia and other jurisdictions, We can also advise on a range of new grants specific to Adelaide’s Northern and Western suburbs.

Payroll Advice & Salary Packaging

Venture Private Advisory understands all areas of payroll. We regularly assist our clients in managing payroll we can provide a range of options to manage these activities.

We will ensure that you comply with statutory record keeping requirements, remunerate staff correctly and address any questions you may have regarding salary packaging.

We can also determine strategies to maximise the benefits of salary packaging, such as novated leases for your staff, without increasing business costs.

Structuring Advice and Taxation

Taxation legislation is continually changing and the influence on business ownership and must be given the appropriate consideration.

Determining the most suitable and effective legal structure to govern both your business’s ownership and operations requires consideration across an array of issues and of their potential implications.

Talk to Adelaide’s Preferred Tax Accountants

We can help you review the current structure which your business operates to assist you in achieving the best for your business, both now and in the future. For more information on our small business advisory services and taxing advice, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Adelaide-based tax accountants on (08) 7078 3505.


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